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Ida Brottmann - Visual art

In my practice I am concerned with the questions of Authenticity and 

Authorship; what happens when you outsource a task to non-professionals? Where does authenticity and authority lie? And what is really the difference between intellectual property and labor property. Concerned with the economy of beauty and questions of authorship I employ people to embody a set of rules to fit a given situation. Through the medium of live art I attempt to define the meaning of a sculpture, a portrait, an exhibition area or the way we address meaning to imagery.


Occupied with the temporality of Live Art and a deep urge to make Live Artstatic, I focus mainly on what I call Non-event performance. I believe that by making a performative piece independent from the body of it’s creator as well as time, it can achieve a static life.


With an interest in the immigration of images, how icons is created and the way they form our understanding of ways of seeing, I am questioning our own position and history within the gaze of others. I have come to the my own portrait is a product of every image I have seen, since I started to look; that my self-portrait is a product of a desire to being seen in a certain way. Posing the question; what does it mean to outsource a self-portrait? I work with the economics and ethics of female visibility, labour and value. 


2013 - 2018 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, BFA

2009 - 2011 Fashion Design Akademiet



2020        Benchwarmers, Spanien 19c, Århus

2020         En Galleri Væg, Public exhibition, Denmark


2019       The heroines journey, The Orchid and The Wasp, Amsterdam

2017         Sculptures#2, 4bid gallery, Amsterdam


2019       After the hunt, SÍM residency exhibition, Reykjavik

2018       I am a Wonder Woman, One Act Play - loveliest of Graduates, Utrecht Academiegaleri

2018       Young Girl Encyclopedia, Rietveld Graduation Show, Amsterdam

2017       Sculptures#1, Rietveld Fine arts exhibition, Amsterdam

2015       Letters to a man, Frascati theater, Amsterdam

2015      Woman don’t laugh, ING head quarters , Amsterdam

2015      If I was as famous as Elmgreen and Dragset, I could get Kevin Spacey too, Rietveld uncut, Amsterdam

2015      The jazz singer-2014, Leiden film festival, Amsterdam


2018      TRAVERS Camp, Ny Carlberg Glyptoteket, Copenhagen

2019      Samband íslenskra myndlistarmanna, Reykjavik



2020      Beckett-fonden, exhibition

2020      The Danish Arts Foundation, production

2019      The Danish Arts Foundation, residency

2018      Fonds Kwadraat 

2018      Schuurman Schimmel – van Outeren Stichting 


'Graduation Show Gerrit Rietveld Academie: Ida Brottmann Hansens zoektocht naar beeld en

imago', Peter Thissen, Tubelight.

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