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Ida Brottmann - Visual art

In my practice I am concerned with the questions of Authenticity and 

Authorship; what happens when you outsource a task to non-professionals? Where does authenticity and authority lie? And what is really the difference between intellectual property and labor property. Concerned with the economy of beauty and questions of authorship I employ people to embody a set of rules to fit a given situation. Through the medium of live art I attempt to define the meaning of a sculpture, a portrait, an exhibition area or the way we address meaning to imagery.


Occupied with the temporality of Live Art and a deep urge to make Live Artstatic, I focus mainly on what I call Non-event performance. I believe that by making a performative piece independent from the body of it’s creator as well as time, it can achieve a static life.


With an interest in the immigration of images, how icons is created and the way they form our understanding of ways of seeing, I am questioning our own position and history within the gaze of others. I have come to the my own portrait is a product of every image I have seen, since I started to look; that my self-portrait is a product of a desire to being seen in a certain way. Posing the question; what does it mean to outsource a self-portrait? I work with the economics and ethics of female visibility, labour and value. 


2013 - 2018 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, BFA

2009 - 2011 Fashion Design Akademiet



2020        Benchwarmers, Spanien 19c, Århus

2020         En Galleri Væg, Public exhibition, Denmark

2019       The heroines journey, The Orchid and The Wasp, Amsterdam

2017         Sculptures#2, 4bid gallery, Amsterdam


2022       Benchwarmers,Tour retour, Skjold Contemporary, Cph Artweek

2021       Det talte ord gælderFebrikken for kunst og design, København

2019       After the hunt, SÍM residency exhibition, Reykjavik

2018       I am a Wonder Woman, One Act Play - loveliest of Graduates, Utrecht Academiegaleri

2018       Young Girl Encyclopedia, Rietveld Graduation Show, Amsterdam

2017       Sculptures#1, Rietveld Fine arts exhibition, Amsterdam

2015       Letters to a man, Frascati theater, Amsterdam

2015      Woman don’t laugh, ING head quarters , Amsterdam

2015      If I was as famous as Elmgreen and Dragset, I could get Kevin Spacey too, Rietveld uncut, Amsterdam

2015      The jazz singer-2014, Leiden film festival, Amsterdam


2023       Dokumentation som værk med Linnea Langfjord Kristensen og Thalita Beltrão Sørensen, Haut Scene 

2018      TRAVERS Camp, Ny Carlberg Glyptoteket, Copenhagen

2019      Samband íslenskra myndlistarmanna, Reykjavik



2020      Beckett-fonden, exhibition

2020      The Danish Arts Foundation, production

2019      The Danish Arts Foundation, residency

2018      Fonds Kwadraat 

2018      Schuurman Schimmel – van Outeren Stichting 


'Graduation Show Gerrit Rietveld Academie: Ida Brottmann Hansens zoektocht naar beeld en

imago', Peter Thissen, Tubelight.

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